About Parashoot

Parashoot Productions is the company of Henny Wiggers,
experienced, allround skydiver & skydiving cameraman.

This company is covering all productions related to Skydiving Photo, Video & Cinematography and of course skydiving itself, anywhere, anyplace, anytime around the world.

This site presents you his passion, sport, projects and work.

Parashoot Productions
De Zanden 11D
7395 PA (Airport) Teuge

office: Korhoendreef 4
7391 EG Twello
The Netherlands

ph: +31 571 276 695
mob: +31 6 53 218 952
fax: +31 571 270 139

Henny in his latex suit after filming a style jump. Henny in Japan at the 25th WPC Accuracy & Style 2000. Just before the World Record in Thailand '99. Record holder in Thailand. Together with Andi Duff.

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