Canopy Formation



Canopy Formation

Flying different formations under your opened parachute.
Not everybody's cookie.
Skydivers tend to play in freefall. Under canopy they tend to need their space. Especially when landing.

A selected group of skydivers have discovered the joys of flying together. Exiting the jump plane, opening their parachute immediately and looking for each other. Flying together and building different formations under their canopy.

4-way rotation
In rotation you play with 3 other friends (well, not necessarily friends, other jumpers also suffice) building a stack of parachutes (within that same 30 seconds). Then the one on top moves down as quickly as possible. He joins the crowd at the bottom, the next one on top then rotates down.

4-way sequential
You can play with 3 other friends in the air building different formations from a predefined set. After exiting the plane you have 30 seconds to build the first formation. Then you have 90 seconds to complete as much formations as you can.

8-way speed
Alternatively, you can play in a group of eight. The trick here is to build one predefined formation as quickly as possible. Under time pressure to build just one formation, people tend to be a bit more enthusiastic when flying and docking. Creating some spectacular views for spectators.

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