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CF Instruction

Four of the canopies we received are not competition chutes but are meant to be used as demo chutes, and as instruction chutes for those wanting to learn Canopy Formation. Since these parachutes are so-called hybrids they can be used both as free-fall canopies but they are also excellent for learning CF. This will lead to more exposure for the Tommy Hilfiger logo as these chutes will be seen around a lot at the national dropzone at Teuge.


Eric Schimmel
Eric hard at work, attaching the canopy to the rest of the gear.
Henny is attaching the opening system (bridle, pilot chute and pull-out handle) to one of the logo canopies.
Henny Wiggers
One of the instructors (Harm) at our homebase dropzone National Skydiving Center Teuge is also lending a hand, preparing a parachute for its first jump.
Parashoot Productions (Henny Wiggers)