Has evolved from the earlier classic disciplines like Accuracy, Classic Style and Formation Skydiving. These disciplines became a kind of boring for a few high level skydivers. They started experimenting with anything else than BELLY FLYING.

Building formations, whether they are small or big, requires discipline, fixed positions and training. Sometimes hard work. People focussing on the lighter (fun!) side of skydiving pursued the exhilarating feeling and wanted more freedom in their play. Improvise as you go along. Not be waiting for others to do their job, enjoy the feeling of the air around your body, fly your whole body. Be free.

And, as always, at the moment something is spread around the skydiving scene people started making rules so it could be put into competitions again. Many pioneers stopped at this point but the direction was set. Nowadays freestyle, Skysurf and recently Freefly are official FAI/IPC disciplines.

Besides the competitions a whole new dimension was discovered in which we could fly and play in whatever body position and in whatever direction. Speedskydiving, flying vertical as fast as possible. Birdwing, flying as fast as possible horizontally and as slow as possible vertyically.

And as long we can pioneer in our playgarden up there we will invent new ways of flying.


Ballet in the sky. Cloud dancing by Deanna Kent made freestyle well known in the skydiving community. Gracious moves requiring skillful cameramen to capture it's expression and creativity. Freestyle has recently become a full-grown discipline for the Dutch skydiving licenses.

Freefly (also Head Down or Feet Up!)

Is the newest play arena in the sky. Partly based on freestyle, the body position is anything but belly-to-earth. Completely leaving every first piece of training aside (stable body position), freeflyers fly on their head, transitioning to sit postion and stand up. Moving and playing (and of course filming!) in three dimensions.
Of course there is a competition aspect to it. Two players team up with a cameraman and perform their tricks (prerequisite moves and free rounds) for the eye of the camera. Judging is on a scale of their own, earning points of as much as ...


Probably the best known discipline in skydiving. Certainly among Whuffo's.
It's highly visible with mucho media attention especially in the extreme sports magazines and television programs. Spectacular images and competitions. Popularised by Patrick de Gayardon.



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