Commercials & Advertising

Magazine YES! Tandem jump Claudet
Life (internal commercial for) Coca Cola: Double-skysurfing in Namur

Consist Software:
Grand opening of Ajax soccer stadium the ARENA in Amsterdam
10 way Star Formation skydiving at Island Texel

Morres Meubels:
Skysurf from a balloon in Chateau d'Oex Swiss Alps
Skysurfing over Corsican beaches

Live on the wildside (16 & 35 mm cinematography for intro Belgium Cinema's):
Skysurfing bungee from hot air balloon
Duo Skysurfing at the Costa Brava Bay (Ampuria Brava) Spain
World record "Highest Bungee jump" from a Balloon

"Condom; Aids prevention" for Belgium Cinema's shot in Deland and Marana USA
Yearly Christmas Cards for Hietbrink Building Advising
"Party Schnitzel" Skysurfing