NKP 2000 Texel

(Dutch National Skydiving Championships)
These images are taken from Digital Video to give an impressions about the event.

CF Team Teuge (© Mark)

Freestyle Team Teuge (© Mark)

With our Canopy Formation Team CF Teuge we had a competition against ourselves. Our goal is a medal at the next Worldmeet in Granada Spain (June 2001). To reach this we've set an ambitious program together with our Russian coach Dennis Dodonov. According this trainings program we had to be able to make 18 points now. Finally on the last jump WE DID IT!. We made a new Dutch record (18 rotations)!!!! Right on track.


In between the CF jumps the whole team also participated in PA (Accuracy Landing). Because of my broken heel bone I had to be very careful with the landings. Probably because of that I had pretty good scores. After a "00" score on the last jump I ended up on a fifth place with which I "unexpectedly" won a ticket to the coming World Championships in Japan (October 2000).


I had the honour to serve as cameraman for newcoming talent Marjolein van der Vlies (only 150 jumps so far) in Freestyle Skydiving. Despite the fact that this was Marjolein's first competition we were able to make very nice routines that even (some) judges liked. We really had a great time and enjoyed every aspect of this discipline.


I assume that this will be the start of a very successfull carreer for Marjolein in this disciple. She already has the talent & spirit and hopefully she can find the money (read SPONSOR!) to develop the skills to get medals at the various competitions in the coming years. Hopefully I can stay jumping with her during that period of hard training.


For the NKP Event tape I made a few camera jumps to capture the teams during the competition. Especially the work of the cameramen is shown because they're always on the other side of the lens.

© Parashoot Productions (Henny Wiggers)