WPC Paraski 2001

Riezlern (Mittelberg) in the region Kleinwalsertal is close to Oberstdorf on the German / Austrian border, located 120 km south-west of Munich and 100 km north-west of Innsbruck.

The Dutch delegation consists of:
Team manager
- Harm van de Gevel

Competitors Paraski:
- Jan Beumer
- Kees Debie
- Geert Fredix
- John Verstegen
- Henny Wiggers (Team Captain)

Short before the first run. Kees in discussion as usual. Giant slalom.

We all arrived on Sunday or Monday which gave us the opportunity to get used to the conditions. On Tuesday most of us could make 4 trainings jumps We felt we were ready for it.

Wednesday the weather was still marginal. Snow, lots of snow. It didn't stop us to do the ski competition and complete the qualification and both competition runs. None of us had a bad run, we all stayed on our feet ( and skies).

Giant Slalom Ski race The Netherlands (in minutes)
Name Run 1 Run 2 Total Points
John 1.14.08 1.15.89 2.29.97 1.56
Jan 1.07.37 1.11.26 2.18.63 1.20
Henny 1.02.69 1.06.01 2.08.70 0.89
Kees 1.15.89 1.15.98 2.31.87 1.62
Geert 1.33.31 1.38.99 3.12.30 2.88

Thursday the jumping supposed to start. Unfortunately the weather didn't allow us. The whole night and next day it snowed like crazy. Lucky for us, we could go off-piste. Although the snow was wet and heavy we had great fun and enjoyed this day of playing.

The weather forecast promised us blue sky for the next day. Nobody believed it but they were so sure that we didn't party to much (except Harm our team manager and Jan).

Harm (our manager) and Jan having fun with their local girlfriend. The German top. The team after another succesfull round.

They were right. Great accuracy weather. The competition ran quick and smoothly. At 16.00 h. the finals took place so the winners were known.

Team: Germany

Individual Male: Andy Fischer (Germany)

Individual Female: Claudia Graetzer (Switzerland)

Paraski (Accuracy) Landing The Netherlands (in meters)
Name Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Total Jumps Total Skiing




Total / NL

John 0.12 0.38 0.05 0.05 0.19 0.12 91 156 247 45 - 4
Jan 0.12 0.09 0.14 0.07 0.03 0.04 49 120 169 40 - 2
Henny 0.12 0.04 0.03 0.00 0.12 0.08 39 089 128 31 - 1
Kees 0.08 0.31 0.01 0.27 0.04 0.09 80 162 242 44 - 3
Geert 0.64 0.04 1.00 0.03 0.03 0.01 175 288 463 51 - 5

The Dutch team placed 11th out of 15 teams. Not bad for flatlanders. Most of you might know that Holland has no mountains. You have to know that we've to compete against others that live and were born in the mountains.
Individual all of us except Kees improved the scores form previous years. The training definitely helped us forward. Next year we've to focus more on Giant Slalom techniques. The training showed that we can get most progression in that area.
Jan John Henny
The new kid in town (Geert) had a great opportunity to taste the Paraski atmosphere. He finished skiing without any problem (the time could be faster though) and most of the jumps he hit the target and had a great score for a newcomer. Especially the 30° angle slope and a crosswind approach made great impact to him.
Kees Geert Between the jumps

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