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CF Team Teuge and ParaShoot Productions (Henny Wiggers) are very happy to get the opportunity to jump the most modern AAD on the market. All Team and ParaShoot rigs are equipped with this new generation automatic opening device.

Due to our tremendous amount of different jumps in all different disciplines all over the world under the most versatile circumstances we'll gather the necessary information to further prove the functioning and the overall reliability under these extraordinary circumstances. With this information we'll help with the introduction of the device on the market (and particularly in The Netherlands) by spreading the word about our positive experiences.

The device will the coming months be strongly evaluated during the following extreme jumps:

Canopy Formation (Rotation, Sequential, Big way)

Wingsuit flying (Birdman SF3 and Matter mtr.1)

Canopy Piloting (Swoooping)

Speed skydiving (personal record 476 KM/h)

Camera work in 3D (Feet-up, Chute-assis, Freestyle, Big way, etc.)

High altitude dives

We didn't choose for the Vigil because of the sponsoring but because we believe it's the most modern device on the market with the lowest costs today. Besides saving us a lot on maintenance costs we've no doubt about the high level of the product which gives us a safe feeling during the adrenaline rushing flights.

CU @ the next event.

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