Several Shootings for many National and International TV stations:

Skydive with a round canopy for youth film Lunatics (16 mm film)
Red Bul Birdman Challenge; Crossing the water from the Island Texel to Den Helder
Tandem jump Grandma for NCRV Willem Wever
World Games '97 Lahti Finland
Tandem jump ID-TV for Bank/giro lottery
Coverage Dutch record Canopy Formation 19-way
Tandem jump of Enit for EO (Evangelic Broadcast)
Tandem jump in Berlin of Grandma celebrating her 80th birstday (German ZDF)
Rabo Top40 Tandem jump Annet Barlo "on-fly presentation"
RTL+ Germany "Kolegen, Kolegen" Tandem jump
TROS "Love Letters" Two tandems proposing without knowing
RTL+ Germany "Traum Hochzeit" Two tandems proposing
Report German FS-8 trainings camp in Castellon Spain (35 mm cinematography)
Boards over Switserland Skysurfing
Tandem skydiving with reporter Guus from NCRV Willem Wever
Skysurf Marc Slusny for German RTL2 in Amphing Germany (16mm high speed)
Sol Film Productions Blind Bas making a parachute jump (Super 16mm)
Paraski Wengen Switserland
Learning Piet Veerman (Famous Dutch Singer) to skydive at the Costa Brava in Spain