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Swoop Skydive Lillo Spain (Open Spanish National Championships of Canopy Piloting 2007)

Rain in Spain

Rain in Spain.

Together with Edu Mertz (competitor), Mark Sangster (course manager and judge) and Igor van Aperen (judge) we left Holland with strong blue skies and hot weather. On arrival in Madrid my luggage was not on the conveyer. Apparently they left it at Cologne (German Wings) because of unclear reasons. The training day I had to jump with a borrowed Velo 96(thanX Pablo!) which is way bigger than my 84. After 2 jumps it started to rain and it kept raining for 2 days. The temperature in Lillo dropped to 9°C and in Holland it grew to a record of 28°.

Casa 235

The championships are supported by the Spanisch Airforce. They provided a nice Casa 235 which we could use for 35 hours. With 16 competitors (from 8 different countries) the plane was not even half full.

For me personally the competition was a disaster because I couldn't jump my own gear. The third day I finally collected my gear in Madrid myself. The last rounds felt a lot better but it was a big change from a giant 96 to a rapid 84 on a level of 2.200 ft. Jump after jump I dialed in the approaches but only the last round I could score the 100 points for the best round result.

Skydive Lillo set a great competition. The first by the DZ and for sure one of the better ones in Europe so far. The excellent pond, the driven staff, organisers and judges ran the competition with ease. I felt very convertable and will be back next year. Hopefully it'll be the season starter of the European Swooping Tour 2008.

Skydive Lillo, thank you for the pleasent time and the great competition! The Dutch delegation.

Paraski Italy (World Championships of Paraski 2007 in Bellamonte Italy)

As a nice closure of the winter season we went to the World Championships of Paraski in Bellamonte Italy. The team consisted of my longtime teammate John and junior female member Karin. It was a fantastic, high level and well organised competition. The fresh snow and blue skies helped a lot to make it an unforgetable event.

Paraski is a combination sport evolved form the competitions between the high mountain rescue teams. Landing a parachute on a 45° angled snow slope and giant slalom skiing are not day to day activities for our lowland habitants.

Photo Album (On-line ordering Photo prints)

Photo Album

I'm upgrading the website by implementing an on-line photo album. Tandem passengers can show their friends the photo's from their tandem jump and can order prints right after.

The next page is under construction and just for testing purposes.

Tandem Photo's

RealXstream (Video on website)


Watch the video from your jump by streaming video on our website.

Nationaal Paracentrum Teuge

New World records (Mass jump + 357 way formation skydiving)

All information about this event can be found at The World Team website. This website (Parashoot) will give specific details about my share of the event. For the 4th time Henny Wiggers served as team captain of the camera team.

Team photo

At the following World Team pages it's also possible to order photo prints on-line over the website. Various shots are showcased to give an impression about the magnificent event.

Great hook knives (Product from Wouter Verhoeven)

Although there are many different design hook knives for sale none of them were ideal for general and specifically Canopy Formation skydiving purposes. If one needs a knife it has to be easy to grab (big hand held), strong (not breaking) and must cut trough thin lines and thick webbing (double knives)

Hook knifes

Wouter Verhoeven finally put all criteria together and designed and build the best hook knife on the planet. CF Team Teuge and ParaShoot Production (Henny Wiggers) have the privilege to got all rigs equipped with both the full and small size hook knife. If you want one yourself go to

Sponsored by Vigil (Advanced Aerospace Designs nv/sa)

CF Team Teuge and ParaShoot Production (Henny Wiggers) proudly announce the sponsorship by Advanced Aerospace Designs from Brussels Belgium to equip all the team and ParaShoot rigs with the recently introduced Vigil AAD.

Logo AAD Logo Vigil

Especially within the CF scene an AAD isn't completely integrated. We would emphasize that also for this discipline an automatic opener is a must for everybody, regardless of experience. We're happy to have this modern device for all our jumps.

Worldmeet Empuriabrava (Cup and Championships)

CF Team Teuge (part of the Dutch delegation) will particpate at this competition. The team trained very hard for this event but feels it still not completely ready for this competition.


As every year the World Meet is the most important event in the season. This year the event is a World Cup and the European Championships.

NKP2002 Stadtlohn (Dutch National Skydiving Championships)

CF Team Teuge again became Dutch National Champion in Canopy Formation Rotataion. Since 1998 the team won the event every year. Besides CF we also joined the Accuracy landing scene but didn't get to the medals.

Tommy Hilfiger Canopies (Logo canopies arrived)

Twelve (12) brand new Triathlon canopies with the Hilfiger logo are assembled anf tested at the Dutch National Championships by CF Team Teuge. The team is ready to use the Tommy canopies on the upcoming Wolrd Cup and European Championships in Ampuriabrava Spain (3 - 13 October).

Videoclips (Expanded the amount of clips)

Steinerbrück St. Vith.

The previous months were very busy. Too busy to find time to work on the website. These clips were made for other purposes but fit on the site as well so I've simply added them. If I can continue I'll put some more on-line. If you want specific footage just send me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do.

Oasis hotel.

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