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Video Clip © Parashoot Productions
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Base from a nice crane just out of town.

This clip shows some of the few jumps performed at daylight. This 100 mtr. crane together with a slightly lower one (85 mtr.) is setup around a building of about 75 mtr. All three fixed objects are jumpable but of course the highest crane is most favorable. Especially the long tail is perfect to get a big distance from the building for "no worries" openings.

We've jumped these objects very low key, so mainly after dark, because it's near to a road and to avoid people getting exited due to the unfamiliar appearance. To get some video shots we jumped at sunrise on a Sunday morning and we don't think anyone noticed.

Again, BASE is not illegal but we don't think we get permission from the owner to jump it. I've to admit that we didn't ask though. Anyway in a couple of weeks the building will be nearly finished so the cranes will disappear which will end the game.

© Parashoot Productions (Henny Wiggers)