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Video Clip © Parashoot Productions
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Part of a CF rotation jump, filmed with a belly camera.

Due to the planned training's camp in Senegal in February 2001 I analyzed some video's of the team. On a few jumps I took a camera on my belly to film the movements in the formation. Especially from the hands (steering toggles) and the head. This clips clearly shows the hard work of this discipline and this is a jump of a few months ago. In the meantime we improved the time of the rotations enormously. Our team record at the moment is 18 rotations in working time and try to set it higher at the end of the training's camp in Senegal.

These video's learned us that we had to be aware of our toggles, we were moving way to much. In Senegal I'll take the camera on some jumps occasionally to check our progression.

© Parashoot Productions (Henny Wiggers)