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First ski descent after one year.

Like every winter season we switch from Skydiving to Skiing. The sooner we can go skiing, the sooner we get in the rhythm again for the upcoming Paraski competitions, the biathlon of Giant Slalom Skiing and Parachute Accuracy landing on a 30° angle slope.

It was about time to go skiing again. The snow this year was relatively late. We waited and waited until there was enough snow. Finally the first week of December (2000) it happened but just on two spots (Tignes/France and Soelden/Austria). So the weekend after (7 - 9 December) we drove to the Alps and chose for Sölden and Ober Gurgl in the Austrian Alps and made our first meters on the snow again. Surprisingly the snow was of an excellent condition and we had three days of "Blue Skies". All in all a perfect start of the ski season.

© Parashoot Productions (Henny Wiggers)