I've been testing some different media styles to find out what would be the best compromise between quality and file size. Also the streaming effect was important.

After playing around in Adobe Premiere for a while with several short video clips I had to make a choice for the media format. The dilemma is that on one side I want that visitors with a standard modem (at least 33.6k) must be able to view the clips but I also want to work with streaming video. At this moment the image quality in relation to the (big) file size and necessary kbps is not acceptable for me. Therefore I will use "progressive" semi-streaming video, which means that the video clip will run from my website instead of a dedicated video server. With QuickTime I'm able to make "high" quality video clips in a reasonable image size (256 pixels width) and a file size of ± 2 Mb / min video.

My choise is therefore:

If you can't view one of these video clips you probably don't have QuickTime installed. If that's the case I've programmed that your browser will recognise this automatically so you can easily load the latest FREE version of Apple QuickTime Player. Don't get scared if you see the add for the PRO version (about $ 30) you DO NOT need this. The FREE player is enough. Be awere that this program is about 4 Mb big but you only have to install it once.

Get QuickTime For FREE!

16:9 wide screen
A very nice mountain.

84 sec clip of two BASE jumps from the clif Montserrat near Barcelona Spain.

File: 5.014 kB QuickTime Movie "progressive streaming"

16:9 wide screen
Hotel Blue Africa; not bad!

30 sec clip of the Blue Africa hotel where we stayed during our CF trainings camp in Senegal.

File: 1.1 MB QuickTime Movie "progressive streaming"

16:9 wide screen
TV Gelderland.

2 min. clip of an interview on TV Gelderland about Base from the cranes and building in Apeldoorn.

File: 4.5 Mb QuickTime Movie "progressive streaming"

16:9 wide screen
Crane in Apeldoorn.

84 sec clip of one of the few jumps from a 100 mtr. crane in Apeldoorn performed at daylight.

File: 5.014 kB QuickTime Movie "progressive streaming"

16:9 wide screen
Steinerbrück St. Vith.

67 sec clip of the European alternative for Bridge Day 2001 at Steinerbrück St.Vith Belgium .

File: 4.046 kB QuickTime Movie "progressive streaming"

16:9 wide screen
Oasis hotel AmpuriaBrava.

56 sec. clip of a BASE jump from the Oasis hotel In Ampuria Brava Spain.

File: 3.347 kB QuickTime Movie "progressive streaming"

16:9 wide screen
Powder in Samnaun.

68 sec clip of powder skiing with John in Samnaun / Ischgl January 2001.

File: 2.446 kB QuickTime Movie "progressive streaming"

16:9 wide screen
CF filmed with bellymount.

55 sec. clip of a part of a CF rotation jump, filmed with a belly camera.

File: 1.971 kB QuickTime Movie "progressive streaming"

16:9 wide screen
The tree in Magland.

59 sec. clip of an earlier BASE jump from a tree in Magland France.

File: 2.107 kB QuickTime Movie "progressive streaming"

Chinese girl in Japan.

12 sec clip of the landing of the Chinese girl at the WPC accuracy in Japan.

File: 398 kB QuickTime Movie "progressive streaming"

Skiing in Soelden.

1 min. clip of our first ski descent after a year. Soelden, the only place with snow that weekend.

File: 2.120 kB QuickTime Movie "progressive streaming"

Base at sunrise.

97 sec clip of the last BASE jumps of the past Millennium.

File: 3.5 Mb QuickTime Movie "progressive streaming"

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