Base jumping

First start of the BASE page. These pix are from one of my earlier jumps from the University in Delft. We were invited to make some jumps from the ± 90 mtr. high building. They were great. On broad daylight we made a few jumps with several spectaters around watching these strange dare devils.
Camera's ready?
  Just before exit we were interviewed by the University Radio. They couldn't believe that we were so calm before (in their eyes) such an exiting jump.


Henny on the edge
Nice view up here
Henny over the edge.


Last BASE jumps of the past Millennium.

On the last day of 2000 we wanted to end the millennium with some remarkable jumps. We decided to give it another try on a new building before it would be completely ready. From experience we know that once a building is ready it's almost impossible to get to the top. We were lucky and could relatively easy get to the top floor and even on the roof. A incredible view over the big city so early in the morning at sun rise. Perfect circumstances for a building to lose virginity to some BASE jumpers. Afterwards I regretted not taken my camera's to the top because I thought it would be too dark. Really a missed change, it was fabulous!

Power tower.

Click here to watch the videoclip.

The nice sunrise inspired us to make another jump so we drove to a high power tower. Also here we were lucky, no locks so we reached the top soon and enjoyed the scenery, especially the sun over the water, for a while. Have a look at the video and let it speak for itself. A nice jump we won't forget easily.

Slowly it's getting clear to the community that BASE jumping itself is not illegal. No rules doesn't mean illegal. It's up to us BASE jumpers to continue working on these rules.


Click here to watch the videoclip.

Steinerbrück St. Vith

In November 2001 the skydiving season was really over. Time to change focus to BASE again. Here are some clips from that period.

Oasis hotel

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